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Find a Tutor with Little Effort

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As a single mom student you may need help with one subject or another, but with money being a major factor and wanting to be sure you get the best arrangement possible you are probably wondering how to find a tutor. Before you begin looking for a tutor you need to take stock of the situation and figure out exactly what you need and how much you can pay as well as what sort of schedule you will need with a tutor. Each of these things is going to play a part in your success in finding a tutor.

Whether you just need help with one troubling area or with an entire course you can find a tutor who will work with you, by following these steps.  Don’t allow a small bit of trouble with a subject cause you to become dejected and give up. You know you aren’t dumb, but college classes are more difficult than your basic high school courses; if they weren’t, it wouldn’t be so darn expensive!

Discuss the situation with your professor and see if he has any recommendations of someone who would be a good tutor without breaking your budget. Your professor may also recommend that you buddy up with another student and help each other out.

Check the bulletin boards on campus. There’s usually one central board for each department. Take the information for several tutors and contact them to compare and decide which one would be best for you. Post a notice on a bulletin board of what you are looking for and your contact information.

Post an online ad stating what you are looking for and what you are willing to pay. Then you can sort through the responses to find the best tutor for your needs and budget.  Check online for services offered as well, you may stumble across a lucky find.

Approach a classmate on your own and ask if they’d be willing to go over some of the course work with you to help you understand it better. If you just need a bit of clarification or explanation most students would be willing to spend an hour or so with you to help you out.

Finding a tutor isn’t’ necessarily a problem. Finding a tutor who can help you for what you can afford to pay or on your schedule may be a challenge. Consider all your options and make sure that you are locating a tutor who will be able to help you with your individual issue. If you find someone who is available at the time and price you need, but they don’t approach the issue in a way you can understand pass, and look for someone who will be the tutor you need. Basic questions and answers with each tutor you are considering should let you know if this is a tutor who can help you or not.

5 Study Session Tips For Success

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Single moms know how difficult it is to make time in a busy schedule, when it comes to tutoring sessions it is important that you set aside time to devote to your tutoring. Consider a tutoring session to be just as important as attending a class and approach it with the same level of intensity. Tutoring can make the difference between success and failure and can be a critical part of your education.

A successful tutoring session is one that allows you to understand a finer point, grasp the meaning of a topic and feel knowledgeable enough to proceed in a class. Whether you need tutoring each week or just once a semester devote, the attention and time required to have a successful tutoring session.

  1. No Children Allowed- Just as you wouldn’t take your kids to class with you; neither should they attend your tutoring session. Arrange childcare so that you can concentrate.
  2. Have all your materials- Your textbook, class notes, details on a project or whatever you need for your tutoring session needs to be present and organized in order to make the most of your time with the tutor.
  3. Location- Meet with your tutor in a place that is conducive to studying and learning. Your local Starbucks isn’t exactly the best location. The library, an office or even your home if you have a good study area set up are more beneficial for a tutoring session.
  4. Questions- Your tutor can’t read your mind. Have a list of questions together about the topic so that your tutor can see where you are having problems and work with you to solve those issues.
  5. No Cell- Yes, you are a mom. You need to be able to be reached in case of emergency. But you don’t need your phone ringing and buzzing every few minutes with text messages and friends calling. Let everyone know you will be unavailable between ___ and ___ . This way if your phone rings during that time, you can glance at it and if it’s not the babysitter let it go to voicemail. You can also set up a distinct ring for your child care provider so that you’ll know without looking at the phone whether you need to answer it or not.

Take tutoring sessions seriously, the time spent to clear up and problems you have with a subject in a one on one manner is invaluable to your education.