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Start Early On The Admissions Process

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Registering and being admitted to college takes not only perseverance, but it also takes a good deal of time. Don’t put the admissions process off until the last minute. Start early, get everything taken care of, and you’ll be able to start your semester stress-free.

Fall semesters generally begin around the end of August or the beginning of September, while spring semesters most often begin some time in January. A good time guideline is to begin planning 6 months before the semester you want to actually begin classes.

Your first step will be to contact the school to find out how long their admissions process takes and exactly what is involved. In general, there is an application, fees and official transcripts that have to be taken care of. There may also be an entrance exam that you must take before you are accepted.

Simply follow the steps and guidelines from your chosen school and complete everything within the time frame required. If you are applying for any sort of financial aid, you will want to do this as soon as possible when beginning your application and admissions process.

Meet with a counselor who will be able to help you with any issues you may be having with the admissions process and who will also be able to help you figure out a workable schedule between your education, work, and children. It is entirely possible for single moms to earn a degree, and many schools are working to make that easier. There are flexible schedules, night and weekend classes, and even online classes that you may be able to take advantage of.

While there is no set schedule for the admissions process, the 6 month guideline is a good time frame to allow for any issues to be resolved, to hear back about financial aid, and to get your schedule worked out before the semester begins.

If you wait too close to the semester to begin the admissions process, you will feel rushed and probably frantic as you attempt to juggle all the steps of admission along with your job and children within a short time frame. The more time you allow yourself to complete this process, the calmer and more prepared you will feel.

Going back to school as a single mom doesn’t have to be stressful. With the proper time allowances, it can be a smooth transition for all involved.

Going Back to School as a Single Mother

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As a single mom, you constantly battle financial problems. You are the only breadwinner in your home, yet you are also the only parent. As such, you must dedicate yourself to your career and your children at the same time. Sometimes advancing within your field of work is difficult because your children are constantly in need of your attention. One way to take the next step at your place of employment is to get another degree or finish the one you started. If you are thinking about going back to school, the financial reality may be stopping you. If so, here are some resources you should know about to help you pay for your education.

The first place you should look for financial help is the government. Talk to the financial aid department at the school you are considering, and they will help you find the necessary forms to apply for federal aid programs. You will have to file the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) as part of this process. If your income qualifies, you will be eligible for help such as Pell Grants, Cal Grants, and special student loan offers with lower than normal interest rates. You may or may not qualify for help, but you should go through the process to determine if you do or not.

If you do not qualify for federal aid or you do not get enough aid to cover what you need to go back to school, there are many privately funded organizations that will help single moms fund their education. Raise the Nation is one of these organizations. This company has a scholarship for single moms who wish to pursue further education but cannot get the money they need through traditional loan sources and school grants.

The Sunshine Lady Foundation Scholarship Program is another option for some single moms. The Foundation offers the Women’s Independence Scholarship Program, which is available to women who have escaped from abusive relationships and need to get an education in order to become financially stable by landing a good job. Women with young children in the home are the focus of this scholarship.

If neither of these options work for you and you still need more money for your education, consider using an online tool to search for grants, loans, and scholarships that match your life. For instance, sometimes minority women can get scholarships from their minority organizations. FastWeb.com is a website that offers an online search tool for scholarships, loans, grants, and other forms of financial aid.

If you want to go back to school and the fact that you are a single mom is holding you back, there are options. You need to do your research and find out what help you can get. Remember, getting your degree will only make life better for you and your children so stop waiting and start working towards further education.