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Park and Ride

There are enough expenses associated with going back to school, and single moms know that the cost of tuition, textbooks and school supplies are only the start. There is a need for reliable transportation to get her to campus to attend her classes. Even if you own a reliable vehicle, the fuel that you use […]

Transportation Assistance For The College Commuter

Getting to and from the college can be a burden for many single moms when they return to school, but there are often resources available to help them manage. Some are unique to specific colleges, while other resources may be found at the same place you applied for financial aid to pay your tuition. Even […]

Transportation to College – Are You Going Green?

If you are finding that you are having a harder time getting around the college campus that you thought you would, don’t feel alone. Even if you have your own car, the single mom may find out that once she arrives at the school she can’t find a parking place. Believe it or not, this […]