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Non Traditional Students

Educational Programs for Single Mothers

In the United States there are numerous educational programs for single mothers. These programs are designed to meet the scheduling, financial and other needs of single mothers so that they can return to school and earn a degree or certification. The roadblocks for a single mother to further her education can seem to be insurmountable. […]

Study Groups Perfect For Non-Traditional Students

Some people work best alone, while others do best when they have a support group behind them. This is true when the single mom goes back to school. It doesn’t make any difference if you attend classes on campus or are taking online courses; sometimes it’s nice to have a group of students who are […]

College Credits for Life Experience

A single mom who goes back to school to improve the financial situation of her family has already accepted the need to make sacrifices in her life. College has to be paid for and money has to be found in the family budget. Time has to be taken away from her family to devote to […]