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Eating A Healthy Meal IS An Option!

As a single mom student, one of the areas that you may really struggle with is meal options. Being on the go all the time makes it hard to make sure you eat a well balanced diet, and of course the expense of either eating our or packing a lunch can also be a factor. […]

Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program-It’s a SNAP!

Single moms in school can have trouble making ends meet with school supplies, tuition, and transportation. If feeding your family is one of the expenses you are having trouble with, and you are in need of food assistance, there are many outlets for where you can find help. Aside from local food pantries and other […]

Batch Cooking Saves Time and Money for the School-bound Single Mom

You’re a single mom, going to school to improve your career opportunities. You may even work too. You time and money are stretched as far as they can go. Batch cooking is a method of reducing your time spent preparing meals every night by consolidating it into one cooking episode. You have to plan the […]

Food Assistance for Single Moms Attending College

Very few if any colleges offer food assistance to single moms. Most colleges offer meal plans for students living on campus but these are not often available to students living off campus and those attending college part time, as most single moms are doing. There are some organizations that may be able to help. Food […]