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Health Education for Pregnant Mothers

Learning that you are pregnant is one of those life-altering moments. With a new life growing inside you, learning about how to keep you and your new baby healthy becomes your full time job. Health education for mothers will never be more important than at this moment. Sources of Information Many women, especially first time […]

Single Mom Support Groups

Nothing can be so important to a single mom as support; emotional, psychological and social. Being a single mom is a rewarding but often grueling experience. When there is no one else in the household to share all the responsibilities of child care, household maintenance and financial obligations, it can become overwhelming. If mom becomes […]

Resources for Single Moms

Being a single mom brings many challenges. Without a life partner to share the burdens of everyday life, even raising one child on your own can be difficult. Finding answers and support can make a single mom’s job a lot easier. Continuing Education In order to better their circumstances, many single moms return to skill. […]

Single Moms Can Find Help from the Government

It’s true that the government is slashing funding for programs that help low income citizens, but there is still help available. Many of the programs run out of money and close the application process, but if this happens to you, ask when more funds become available and if you can reapply. Some programs will save […]

Educational Programs for Single Mothers

In the United States there are numerous educational programs for single mothers. These programs are designed to meet the scheduling, financial and other needs of single mothers so that they can return to school and earn a degree or certification. The roadblocks for a single mother to further her education can seem to be insurmountable. […]

Park and Ride

There are enough expenses associated with going back to school, and single moms know that the cost of tuition, textbooks and school supplies are only the start. There is a need for reliable transportation to get her to campus to attend her classes. Even if you own a reliable vehicle, the fuel that you use […]

Study Groups Perfect For Non-Traditional Students

Some people work best alone, while others do best when they have a support group behind them. This is true when the single mom goes back to school. It doesn’t make any difference if you attend classes on campus or are taking online courses; sometimes it’s nice to have a group of students who are […]

Transportation Assistance For The College Commuter

Getting to and from the college can be a burden for many single moms when they return to school, but there are often resources available to help them manage. Some are unique to specific colleges, while other resources may be found at the same place you applied for financial aid to pay your tuition. Even […]

Eating A Healthy Meal IS An Option!

As a single mom student, one of the areas that you may really struggle with is meal options. Being on the go all the time makes it hard to make sure you eat a well balanced diet, and of course the expense of either eating our or packing a lunch can also be a factor. […]

Transportation to College – Are You Going Green?

If you are finding that you are having a harder time getting around the college campus that you thought you would, don’t feel alone. Even if you have your own car, the single mom may find out that once she arrives at the school she can’t find a parking place. Believe it or not, this […]