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How To Buy The Right Computer For College

Many college courses require access to a computer. Other courses will allow you to bring a laptop to class so you can type notes directly into the computer. It may be possible to avoid buying a computer if you have access to those in the computer lab or at the local library. Use id free […]

College Textbooks Savings You Can Trust

The thing to remember about your course materials, including the textbooks, is that they are chosen by the professor. In all likelihood, he or she has been courted by a representative from the textbook company and been sold on the idea of a particular book. Perhaps they have used earlier editions of the book and […]

College Bookstores and What You Need to Know

Bookstores are found at many colleges and are usually located on campus. The purpose of college bookstores is make money, just like any other business. They are there to provide goods and services to students, often at a hefty price. The Pros College bookstores first and foremost preys on our weakness for convenience. We are […]