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Where to Buy Cheap Textbooks

Anything that involves money tends to put us towards the edge a little. It is not as if you buy one book and you are done with, college often requires you to buy multiple books, many costing over $100 each. Being a single mom it is not easy having to afford books costing hundreds of […]

Buying Used Textbooks Locally For Big Savings

Next to tuition, the cost of textbooks is the most expensive aspect of going to college. Each teacher has a list of books and supplies you are required to have by the time class starts. Even one class can put a serious dent in your budget. If you are taking several classes, the cost can […]

Find the Best Deals on College Textbooks

College textbooks take a big chunk out of the going back to school budget, even when you buy them at the campus book store. By the time the single mom forks over the funds for the required materials for each class she’s taking and has to repeat the process every term until she graduates, the […]

Where to Find Cheap Textbooks Online

Sometimes the best way a single mom can get ahead is by going back to school. By definition, single moms already have budget constraints, making saving money a priority. Going back to school doesn’t have to be out of your reach if you can find ways to scrimp on expenses. There are all sorts of […]