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Time Management

Time Management Tips

Time Management skills are very important. Are you that person who tends to have difficulty keeping an appointment because you are always late? Always running late to meetings, scheduled events, classes, or simply a lunch with a friend? Not having the best success in time management when you have a list of things to do? […]

Save Time: Plan the Night Before

When you have to get the kids off to school in the morning as well as yourself, mornings can be the worst part of the day. If you spend half the morning looking for Bobby’s other shoe, finding Sarah’s homework and wondering what you did with the car keys, you will no doubt be late […]

Time Management with Color Coordinated Scheduling

Time management is something that many seem to assume comes naturally to a single mom. After all how else could we manage to handle all the things we do every single day? Do we have extra hands? Do we have assistants? No, usually what we have is some sort of time management such as color […]

Taking Care of Yourself as a Single Mom Student

I’m sure you know the feeling that every possible waking moment of your life is filled with something you need to do. Between classes, work, cooking and cleaning, and taking care of your children, you have no spare moments for yourself. It is important to remember that if you don’t take care of yourself you’ll […]

Time Management for Single Mom Students

Time management for single mom students is different than moms who have a partner to help them. Single moms have a lot of things to juggle. From doctors appointments to jobs, play dates to classes and quality time with the kids to helping with homework. One woman is challenged to handle these time management issues […]

Planning For College: A Must For Single Mothers

As a single mother myself, I can empathize with those of you that are now trying to raise a family, work, and better yourself and your family by going to school. Planning for college is a long and difficult road to travel. There is so much that needs to be considered. How will you be […]