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Part Time School

Night School vs. Online School

Not sure whether to take night school or online school? Well depending on your schedule and the load of work you have either may be in your benefit.  Now here are some reasons why either may be good. Online School: 1)    There are more programs offered.  Online school provides more degrees and classes for you […]

How To Fit Part Time Course Work Into Your Schedule

As the single mom plans her education path to get the certificates and degrees she feels that she needs to advance her career, she finds that she has to conform to the time available between her family and her job. A lot of non-traditional students find themselves in this situation. When a student goes directly […]

Single Moms Often Choose To Be Part Time Students

As a single mom you more than likely have several responsibilities to juggle each day, including student life. When you consider going back to school it may seem overwhelming. If you want to earn a degree you can make plans and arrange to go to school part time if you need to. Many single moms […]

Part Time Classes Could Further Your Career

Being a part time student is ideal for many single career moms because the flexible scheduling allows time for a job and time to spend with the children. Single moms can further their careers with part time classes. When you begin planning your part time school schedule it is important to have all of your […]