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Full-Time Classes

3 Tips For Working Full Time While Attending College Full Time

Juggling a full time job with full time college is hard enough. Add in a child or two and life can be pretty complicated. Does this mean you shouldn’t do it? Not necessarily. Without the benefit of scholarships or a 529 college savings plan to pay for school, there will be tuition and book fees […]

Full Time College Students – What Does It Take?

Each college has its own ruling on what makes a student a full-time student. Generally to be considered a full-time student, the student must successfully complete a minimum of 12 semester or credit hours for that semester. Some schools require up to 18 semester hours to qualify for full-time status. This can usually be fulfilled […]

Juggling Full Time School with Full Time Mom

Being a single mom and attending college on a full time basis requires juggling skills, resilience, and a whole lot of determination. Managing a house, the kids and your academic career can really take it out of you unless you are exceptionally good at planning, scheduling and all things organizational. Scheduling Classes Once you’ve made […]