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Planning Your Education

Planning Ahead While In School

Going to school while taking care of a family is commendable. IT takes planning, organizing and commitment. You can put so much into making sure everyone is taken care of and that you are keeping up with your studies that you may forget to look a little farther ahead in your own future. Next Semester […]

Criminal Justice Careers for Women – How to find Criminal Justice Jobs?

Often times women are unaware of the many job opportunities that they have available to them as they think primarily its male profession . Also, surprisingly enough, there are some jobs that are like hidden gold mines that single mothers can work towards getting a degree and job in. These hidden, yet successful jobs pay […]

Time Management Tips

Time Management skills are very important. Are you that person who tends to have difficulty keeping an appointment because you are always late? Always running late to meetings, scheduled events, classes, or simply a lunch with a friend? Not having the best success in time management when you have a list of things to do? […]

Choosing the Correct School for your Needs

Choosing the right school for you can be quite a stressful thing to decide and figure out. As a single mom, you already you have to deal with so much from your children to paying your bill and staying fed, you don’t need another item on you plate that is already tumbling over. In times […]

Lifelong Learning through Adult Education

Learning is a life long process, and many adults are finding that higher education can be a key to the puzzle in advancing them in their chosen careers. Some even reach a point in their lives where they decide that the career field that they chose when they were younger no longer appeals to them […]

How to Get Your Mind Set for College

Going to college is a big step in one’s life. Up until high-school you have been very dependant on the people around you, starting college you are all alone and have to figure thing out on your own. Being a single mom and having to manage college classes, work, and your children can be quite […]

How to Make Yourself Comfortable at College

Starting college can be a very scary thing. It is a whole new experience where everyone is new and different.  Especially for those who move states and times zones, for you nothing is familiar, you just have to start fresh. Single moms who have to go through this, it can be both exciting and difficult. […]

Night School Tips

Being a single mom isn’t an easy task, it requires you to make a lot of sacrifices, one of them being going to night school. Of course this isn’t the situation for all but for those who which it is, it’s not as difficult as you make it out to be. As a matter of […]

Single Mom Education Options

As a single mother, you know how difficult it can be to juggle home life and work life. You also have dreams of a career rather than just a job where you can, provide a financially sound future for you and your children. Fulfilling that dream means getting an education. Fitting it time for school, […]

Best Nursing Schools in the Nation

Becoming a Nurse is a big deal. If you are looking to go to a top school in the nursing field, here is a list of the top nursing schools in the nation. It may be a little hard for many single moms to afford, but if you live close enough to one if these, […]