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Deciding on a Major

Top College Degrees for Women

Education is important in today’s society. In fact there are few lucrative jobs available in today’s job markets that don’t require an education past high school. So in order to be a successful working mother it is important that you realize that your high school education is not going to be enough. In other words, […]

Sports Education for Women

Women are regularly reminded that no matter how many laws are passed, true gender equality doesn’t really exist.  The Women’s Sports Foundation was founded by Billie Jean King in 1974. The tennis legend used her national and worldwide recognition to carry out a mission that included the publication of the first College Athletic Scholarship Guide […]

Criminal Justice Careers for Women – How to find Criminal Justice Jobs?

Often times women are unaware of the many job opportunities that they have available to them as they think primarily its male profession . Also, surprisingly enough, there are some jobs that are like hidden gold mines that single mothers can work towards getting a degree and job in. These hidden, yet successful jobs pay […]

How to Choose the Correct Major Suited for your Interests

Simply the thought of college tends to put wrinkles on the foreheads of many; it is quite a stressful and attention seeking task that tends to remain in our heads. There are two different aspects of college that tend to cause us this worry, the social aspect and the educational aspect. Now, lets take a […]

Best Nursing Schools in the Nation

Becoming a Nurse is a big deal. If you are looking to go to a top school in the nursing field, here is a list of the top nursing schools in the nation. It may be a little hard for many single moms to afford, but if you live close enough to one if these, […]

Culinary School Scholarship Options and Overview

If you are interested in becoming a chef, then a culinary school is the right school for you. What is Culinary School? Culinary school is an institute where you learn the art of cooking! You learn how cook meals and ways to present then in an admirable way. Culinary school is just like any other […]

Simple Steps To Choosing The Right Major

How do you know what you want to be when you “grow up”? Single moms may feel the need to go to school, to earn a degree or otherwise prepare themselves and their children for their future. But how do you know that what interests you now is what will excite you as a career? […]

Choose a Major that You Are Interested In

Choosing a major may be the easiest part of your going back to school experience, then again you may be challenged and wondering exactly what you should major in. It is a big choice because you will be working toward your goal of a degree in that subject for a few years and more than […]

Choose a Major to Get Started as a Student

Choosing to major and obtain a degree in a certain area to improve your employment chances and advance your career is a typical situation and plan of action for a single mom returning to school. But what if you are a single mom who has no idea exactly what major to choose and what degree […]