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College Admissions Process

How to Take Advantage of Counselors to Fill Your College Applications

We all know how it feels when that time of year comes around, the time to start filling out you college applications. For many this tends to be a lengthy and stressful process, especially when you are completely unsure of what to do. But don’t worry, you have people to help you out as long […]

Admission Process Breakdown

College, no matter whom you talk to, tends to bring a worried or stressed look on many people’s faces. There are so many contributing factors that go into getting accepted. You have to look at every aspect of college and always remember the little details, cause one wrong aspect of your application filled wrong, one […]

Write A Compelling Scholarship Essay

College can be stressful and demanding and the stress just seems to pile on even more for single mothers. Going to college and taking care of children on your own isn’t the cheapest way of living, with bills, food, and tuition fees. So here are some helpful tips on how to write a scoring scholarship […]

What you should know before applying to a college

College can be a big payment, especially for single moms. However, if you know some of the tips and tricks to avoid the high tuitions of some schools, you may save lots of money each year. The first thing to look out for is that you have some savings before going back into college. You […]

College Admission Interview Tips

An admissions interview is part of the process for most colleges. There are two types of college admissions interviews given, each with a different purpose. Students should be prepared for both. Informational Interviews Many colleges offer an informational interview to students to answer any questions they may have. The interview might be conducted by a […]

Have You Taken the ACT Test?

Single moms have generally been out of school for a few years before they go back to earn a degree or complete a certification program. This means that the admissions process will typically include placement tests, aptitude tests and even personality tests that will gauge the student’s ability to complete their course work, to achieve […]

Streamline the Admissions Process by Being Prepared

Being prepared for the admissions process is one way to make sure that you aren’t stressed and at the end of your rope by the time you finish. Take some time before you begin your school’s admissions process to gather the information you may need. Meet with your student counselor and find out what is […]

Admissions Process for a Community College Degree

So, you’ve decided to attend a local community college to earn a certification or degree. It’s close by; you’ve worked out your financial and child care arrangements and are ready to get started by enrolling and completing the admissions process. As a single mom you know that the time you have to invest in the […]

Start Early On The Admissions Process

Registering and being admitted to college takes not only perseverance, but it also takes a good deal of time. Don’t put the admissions process off until the last minute. Start early, get everything taken care of, and you’ll be able to start your semester stress-free. Fall semesters generally begin around the end of August or […]