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Getting Started

Supplies to Have for College

There are a lot of gadgets on the market for the college students. Most of them are marketed as ‘essential items’ promising to help you keep your life organized and make your studies go more smoothly. One look at the price tag and the single mom who is going back to school may wonder if […]

Finding Online School Options

Many single mothers don’t have the time to attend traditional classes. That’s why online school options have become so popular. Through online schools, you’re able to work on assignments when your schedule permits. For many single mothers, this may be the only option of continuing their education. Whether you take online classes through a local […]

Why Community College May Be Best for You

Many people downplay the benefits of community colleges. However, the community college environment is the best choice for a number of busy people, especially single mothers. Whether it’s the flexible hours or optional daycare, you will more than likely find that a community college has everything you’re looking for. Best of all, community colleges charge […]

Top College Degrees for Women

Education is important in today’s society. In fact there are few lucrative jobs available in today’s job markets that don’t require an education past high school. So in order to be a successful working mother it is important that you realize that your high school education is not going to be enough. In other words, […]

Sports Education for Women

Women are regularly reminded that no matter how many laws are passed, true gender equality doesn’t really exist.  The Women’s Sports Foundation was founded by Billie Jean King in 1974. The tennis legend used her national and worldwide recognition to carry out a mission that included the publication of the first College Athletic Scholarship Guide […]

How to Take Advantage of Counselors to Fill Your College Applications

We all know how it feels when that time of year comes around, the time to start filling out you college applications. For many this tends to be a lengthy and stressful process, especially when you are completely unsure of what to do. But don’t worry, you have people to help you out as long […]

Criminal Justice Careers for Women – How to find Criminal Justice Jobs?

Often times women are unaware of the many job opportunities that they have available to them as they think primarily its male profession . Also, surprisingly enough, there are some jobs that are like hidden gold mines that single mothers can work towards getting a degree and job in. These hidden, yet successful jobs pay […]

How to Choose A School Based on Your Needs

When it really comes down to choosing a school can feel overwhelming and stressful. There are so many schools, all offering different things and all requiring different things from you. It seems like you can just sit in front of the computer all day researching and researching what you need and expect in a school. […]

Admission Process Breakdown

College, no matter whom you talk to, tends to bring a worried or stressed look on many people’s faces. There are so many contributing factors that go into getting accepted. You have to look at every aspect of college and always remember the little details, cause one wrong aspect of your application filled wrong, one […]

Choosing the Correct School for your Needs

Choosing the right school for you can be quite a stressful thing to decide and figure out. As a single mom, you already you have to deal with so much from your children to paying your bill and staying fed, you don’t need another item on you plate that is already tumbling over. In times […]