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Loans for Single Moms

How to Find Affordable Single Mom Student Loans

Finding the funds that a single mom needs to go back to school is worth researching. Working toward a degree can pay off with a more stable financial future. Many moms, like a lot of students around the country worry that taking out student loans to pay for living expenses and tuition will leave them […]

School Loans Could be a Mistake

As a single mother you are probably aware of how expensive going back to school can be. The option to apply for a student loan or a school loan may seem to be a good solution. But as a single mother you know that you have other expenses, other items that you must pay to […]

School Loans for Single Moms

As a single mom looking to go back to school you are probably wondering what sort of financial assistance or aid you qualify for. There are scholarships, grants, financial assistance through education programs and there are student loans. School loans for single moms are designed specifically to help a single mother meet her financial needs […]

Apply for a Loan Under the Federal Student Aid Program

The money available from the federal government can be the resource that makes your dreams of a degree or certificate in the field of your chosen career possible. The money is available in loans and grants and you can apply for federal student aid for free. All together, the programs offer more than $150 billion […]

Student Loan Terms and Conditions You Must Know

Going back to school as a single mom can be quite a challenge financially. You may feel that you have nowhere to turn and no way to possibly afford to earn a degree. You are wrong! There are so many programs that are designed specifically for single moms. Besides this site which is dedicated to […]

Student Loan Payment Strategies

One of the most frightening things as a single mom who is going to school is the thought of paying back all those student loans. If you were unable to get enough financial help through scholarships and other programs then you’ve likely accumulated a great deal of student loan debt. Most times student loan payments […]

A Student Loan For The Scholastic Mom

Single moms, did you know that you are considered non-traditional students? Of course you may see this as a bad thing when you consider that until recently students beyond college age, nontraditional students, students juggling kids and work and classes were at a disadvantage. That is no longer the case. While you still have to […]

Help for Single Mothers with Student Loans

Do you have student loans hanging over your head? In the current economy, jobs are scarce yet student loans still have to be repaid and as single mothers this can be very scary. However, there are options to make repayment easier – and there are programs out there that might offer forgiveness for student loans, […]