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Being a single mom, the thought of going back to school can seem impossible, but here you can find resources that can help you achieve your goals. Finding money for school is just one of the many things to contend with. But there are scholarships, like the Mommy Grad Scholarship, and grants which are specifically for single mothers like you! Besides financing your education, you have to think about where to live, how to manage your time with work, school and your kids, and which kind of school is best for you. Whether you want to learn about financial aid, how to be a single mom and a student, or are just wondering how to start back to school, is here to help!

Not only can you find information about grants and scholarships for single mothers once you’ve already decided to head back to school, but you can find out which college experience will work best with your situation, whether it’s a university campus, online school, or community college. Deciding to go back to school is a big commitment, and we want to help you make an informed decision that will be right for you. Because it is important to base your decision not only on location or convenience, we can help you decide which school will give you the best education for the career you want to prepare for.

If your scholarship and grant applications fall through, you can still go back to school with student loans! While student loans sound intimidating at first, thinking of the amount of paperwork involved and the fear of not being able to repay them, we can help you decide if this form of financial aid suits your needs, learn how to apply for loans, and how to find the best interest rates and payment plans for your budget. Also, if you need housing, transportation or meal plan help while going to school, we have resources to help you find what you’re looking for in your area.

We can help you learn more about what you can expect if you decide to return to school, not only with the financial aspects of education, like tuition and textbooks, but also with how to schedule other things around your school schedule, and how to manage your time while juggling work, school, and your responsibilities as a parent. We have resources to help you study, including techniques, tutoring resources, and where to go if you need one-on-one help with your schoolwork.

Here at, we work hard to provide single mothers with the information they need to get out and start studying!

Single Mom College Scholarships

There are many single Mom college scholarships that are available for you. You do not need to be drowned in the world of finances. There are many such organizations that recognize the need for scholarships for single mothers and they thoroughly provide. This also helps the talented women find money for college and continue their careers.

There are so many single moms that put off their careers because they cannot afford it or is just beyond their limit.

Luckily the scholarship opportunities are also many! This website will also help you finding the scholarships that you are eligible for and can apply for. You will be surprised at the Single Mom College scholarships that are available. There must be something for you.  This helps many single moms create a solid future for themselves and their family.

You’d be surprised at how much scholarships can help you financially. They will pay lots of your college journey.  This website will help you with the process of finding, applying and going back to school with single mom college scholarships.

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9 thoughts on “Education Help for Single Moms

  1. I get nervous with loans because you can never be sure if something in the future is going to happen that will prevent you from being able to pay that loan off.

    1. That’s always a possibility, but if you do have to take out a loan, a student loan is probably the best kind. They often have the lowest interest, and you can defer them the longest if you have to.

  2. Before, I thought that because of my situation as a single mom, it would be impossible for me to go back to school and finish a degree. But I made myself wrong. I cannot imagine that a site would let my mind be open for scholarship grants. There are hundreds of helps waiting for me that I have never thought to come. It’s really never too late for me to enter college again.

    1. There are so many grants and scholarships out there that aren’t being taken advantage of – it’s amazing! Don’t be afraid to get out there and find more. I’m glad this site was such a help.

  3. I am now 30 years old and I have spent my whole 12 years of being a mother to my 2 kids. And now, I am hardly dreaming of going back to school and finish my course. I don’t want to end up as a house wife forever. I wanted to be a professional lady someday. Is it still possible for me to have it? Would you help and assist me?

  4. For single moms financial means and time are the most challenging reason why they don’t pursue their dreams of getting a college. Good thing that there are websites who are offering helpful information on how to assist single moms in continuing their goals especially in educational.

    1. Finances should never stop you either. As a single mom, there should be plenty of grants, scholarships, etc. that you can apply for. Make sure you’re filling out things like the FAFSA and your school-wide scholarship application so you’re in the running for as many as possible.

  5. Thanks for giving single moms like me a guide and help on continuing education, achieving our dreams. Even though we are single moms, we are still rightful for having education. Thanks for the advice on how to do schooling and taking care of the kids at the same time! Great site!

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